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With the release of the Party of One album, Casiocenz takes a fresh approach to an indie-pop feel that embeds  powerful hooks and addictive songwriting. 

"This album actually started back in the mid/late 00’s as various side projects. At the time I was playing in an emo band, so anything that I had been writing that didn’t really fit our style just got tucked away. Some of these songs went into storage for over a decade before I gave them another listen. I never intended to put together an album, I really just wanted a creative space where I could write music in any style I wanted, so I had formed 3-4 smaller side projects over time. Eventually I just decided they should all merge into one, and that was the birth of Party of One."
explains the artist of his album.

Casiocenz is the brainchild of just one man who is at the helm of almost every aspect of its fruition and creation.

As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and artist, Casiocenz began his musical journey at the age of only 2 when he was fascinated with Frank Sinatra so much that his parents have footage of him singing along.

From there, he ended up picking up any instrument that was available to him and began to teach himself each one. 

Building a studio space in the warehouse area of his business, he began recording and writing the album on his own hence the title Party of One.

The record is a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 

"There’s lots more to come. I’ve only begun to experiment with the genres that I want to play around with. The next album hopefully won’t take another 15 yrs to make, but I also have no forecast on when that’ll happen. I just know there’s a lot more that I need to get out. The only thing I’d say could be expected from me is that I will always be trying to write in new genres, there will be very little rinse and repeat in my stylistic approach. " says the artist. 

Party of One is available on all major digital outlets for streaming and download.

To learn more of Casiocenz please visit: Casiocenz HearNow




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