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The Garage Rock Sounds Of Dial Up Ghost


"List Maker" by Dialup Ghost is a garage rock track with a youthful climate and a quick build.

Quirky sounds scattered about the song give it extra life as the guitars though on the cleaner side of things still rock quite well. An overlaying guitar hook really gets you along with clapping and the feel of a beach party.

With most songs from younger bands, the lyrics are pretty upfront if you really listen. Great track from an up and coming garage surf rock band.




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The best way to describe Monday Mistress and their self titled album release is too try and imagine Black Sabbath and L7 had a baby and believe me, you'll be thankful for it. Shattering guitar riffs, deep rock breakdowns, and a fierce front woman all make for a great combination. Plenty of riot rock elements in the mix and a gritty sound will be sure to destroy your ear a very good way. So come get destroyed with Monday Mistress.




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