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"These guys are top notch. I used to get all my mastering done by Universal, then I found Audio Science.....all I can say is...WOW. Thanks guys, cheers."
-Darryl West
"Thank you so very much for all your hard work and your amazing attention to detail with our first born "Who"! This song, as many have before, has taken over a 5 months to write and produce and collaborate on this project. With no formal training in musical engineering it truly has become a labor of love.

Both of the final versions are AMAZING! And we have decided to submit and run with 5.1. The sound quality and vibrance we were looking for, you have been able to reveal, what seems like, effortlessly. It has been my great pleasure and excitement to have met and worked with you on this project and I am excited to continue working our projects and any further mastering with you as I produce better and better work geared toward the end product that will ultimately require your stated brilliance!"
- Nathan Lee


"It was a pleasure working with you over the last week. You brought great quality to my EP in a short amount of time, you gave me a great deal and you're very easy to work with. I really felt like you were tryin to get the best sound out of each song and you did. Thank you. I look forward to our next project. I'll hit you up when I get the EP back. Later bro *}>"
- David Edery


"Best job I've heard in a long time. This coming from a man who's had his last songs mastered at Sony Records. Amazing work dude! Many thanks!"

~ Markus Mann

"Dear Audio Science, I loved your mastering and I give it a yes, yes and yes!"

Warmest regards,

- Michelle Carr
"PROFESSIONAL and Really GREAT WORK! Definitely going to do more business with them! 110 % Satisfied with the service they provided and they really made my song 10x better! Check it out!"
-Josh Magbaul
"WOW!!! Just incredible... our music never sounded better.  ASM had brought us sonically to the next level. Couldn't be happier... We compose and produce big productions with lots going on. Even my wife who usually never really hears the subtle nuances was blown away listening back on our cheap computer speakers. Couldn't be happier! Thank you... Just sent you more work... hurry, hurry, hurry, (Kidding) can't wait to hear the rest. Take your time... You are simply the best!"


-Joey Fulco

"After having one of my tracks mixed and mastered by several different companies, there is no doubt that Audio Science Mastering delivered the best product. With great pricing, I received high quality work that would have been worthy of a much higher charge. What's most unique about Audio Science mastering services is that they send multiple versions of your song  - no need to fight over revisions / extra charges!"
- Elaina Rae

"Audio science mastering did a splendid job on my albums. Being improvisations, the songs needed a lot of work to make them sound more professional. They evened out the volume and spacing, corrected stereo imbalances and corrected several problems with fade in and fade out technology. The songs were louder, crisper and many of the more subtle aspects of the songs came to light with proper mix and mastering. I highly recommend Joseph and his team for a truly professional and cost effective mixing and mastering service."
- Sam Utah

"They are sounding really good! It is good to have some real mastered tracks for my music." 

- Ezra Hyatt

"Thanks again Joe for the excellent work you guys have done on mixing and mastering my project. I came to you with high expectations and I sincerely appreciate the time, hard work, and awesomeness you've brought to my music!"

-Ryan J. Hall


"These masters sounds great! Thanks!"

- Demo Cates


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