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Song and Album Mixing

Our mixing services can vary but normal price is $170 per song. This includes mastering and our Spotify playlist Curator Directory along with any digital distribution you may need for the single, album or EP. Sending the audio stems for each song along with any specific notes or reference songs is always helpful for us to not only get a great mix, but get something more along the lines of your own preferences. 
The normal turnaround time of a single would be around one week at most and we keep  good communication so we can nail down the sound your most looking for. 
We have 11 years experience mixing songs in alternative  rock, hip hop, metal, punk rock, indie pop, future pop, synth wave, post-punk, alternative pop, folk, neo-folk, dark wave, pop punk, R&B, classic rock, and many others. 
To inquire about having a single, EP, or album mixed reach out to us anytime at
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