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At Audio Science Mastering we use your feedback and our ears to get you the mix and master you need for your songs.  Speak one on one with your producer/engineer to help ensure you get more of what you want out of your final product.   

                  What We Do

We use some of todays top software to give your song that final polish it needs. Making sure levels and EQ are both powerful and balanced is key to a good mix. It can take  the right compression or maximizer to give your song that radio pop.

We spend time on every song making sure we bring out the right elements to get it ready for the world. 


                  Why Work With Us

You've already wrote, performed, and laid down all the tracks. Now it's time to get them to a fresh set of ears. A team with the right experience can take care of the rest and bring things to a whole new level.


We have been mixing and mastering music for artists and bands for over a decade. 

We have worked with pop, dance, rock, metal, indie pop, house, jazz, punk rock, blues, classic rock, hip hop, electro, dub step, indie rock, folk, hardcore, adult contemporary, indie folk, rap, chip tune, r&b, and more.

We make sure our clients are very happy with what they get back. 




                  What You Get

For each song you give us to mix, we make sure you are equally as happy with the final master as well. 

Mastering is that last step to ensure the best quality sound you can get. 



We realize that a common problem with mastering your own music is getting your final volume level loud enough

We make sure everything is at a nice, loud, optimal volume



         Pricing & Turn Around

If you decided to go for the mix yourself and just need a fresh master on it, we master songs at only $25 per track, and get them back to you within a week unless you need it sooner. 

(This also includes setting you up with digital distribution for EP or album if you need it.)



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