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With the release of "Where Did We Come From, The Star Prairie Project takes the best parts of heavy rock and creates a vast and catchy vibe. Laced with addictive melodies, edgy undertones, and plenty of character, the single boasts the aesthetic of alt-rock anthems. 


"'Where Did We All Come From' was the first song we wrote and recorded for 'The Shining Ones Album'. It set the pace for the entire album. It addresses our most primordial questions. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is the purpose of our existence.  The lyric congers the essence of our deepest mysteries.  "How things are, are not how things seem." the singer teases.  Hints emerge that ultimate reality is somehow different than what we are collectively experiencing now. The inquisitive mind then wants to know what ultimate reality is and how do we experience it. And if that's true, what about everything else we've been told about how things really are? It can make your head hurt. The musical experience of the song is stunning. It draws the listener in into the depths of their own inner space. That's the intent anyway. For eons mankind has looked up at the starts and asked himself the same primordial questions. Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we all come from," explains songwriter Nolen Chew of the single. 

Although the single speaks volumes for the project, the upcoming LP will bring together a culmination of songs to make up the 7th studio album release. 

"The concept of the album emerged over the winter of 2023. We literally started from scratch with a clean slate. We wanted to write a concept album that musically expressed the lore and intrigue of this fascinating esoteric subject. The subject of this pre-diluvian society of ancient shamanic priests. Just the fact that we are discussing the subject forces us to expand the boundaries of our firmly established core beliefs.  The thought that somehow there may have been others that existed alongside of us in the ancient past that were not human as we know it. Mysterious advanced beings that were human like, but not quite human. These people helped us repeatedly over time and emerged from the seas in ancient lore to assist humanity after the cataclysm and may have had am role in our creation. They were known as Angels, Annunaki, Elohim, Watchers, Feathered serpents. They were known as Gods. They were known as The Shining Ones in many different languages. They appear in fragments of the Bible and extensively in The Book of Enoch. The topic fell in my lap through a series of synchronicities, and I became fascinated with the subject once I started looking into it. I would meditate before a writing session and pick up my guitar and see what came flowing to me out of that relaxed state. And flow it did and the result is the thirteen-song concept album, 'The Shining Ones'," says Chew of the album and concept behind it all.

The album is set to release April 26th on all major platforms for streaming and download. 

Unbelievably, Nolen Chew didn't pick up a guitar until the age of 51 and after teaching himself to play, he started performing locally. 

It wasn't long until he wanted to write and record his own material and things haven't been the same for him since. 

Writing and recording his music in the evenings and bringing in artists to collaborate is a part of what makes Nolan tick and the outcome of all of this has been astounding. 


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