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With the release of the National Ramble album, Shane Larmant takes a fresh approach to a classic genre. Laced with addictive melodies, descriptive undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of Ameriana-folk anthems. 


"National Ramble is about so many things for me. First, it's very much about my daughter. She is adopted and is the culmination of so many years of fertility issues and difficulties my wife and I suffered in trying to build our family. Much of that is summed up in the song "Diamonds and Dust." Also, she showed up out of the blue as we learned she was being born and then became her parents in literally 3 days! This is summed up in "Prairie Sky." There is mention of a "Sweet Prairie girl, wild as the tornado whirls" in "Tennessee Cross" and though that wasn't originally written for her, because it's her name it always makes me think of her, because she is a little wild one! As well, I made the bold choice to alter some of the lyrics in "Harvest Moon" by Neil Young to reflect her, rather than a lover, like what is portrayed in the original. You can hear those changes in the second verse. Finally, all of these songs I mostly practiced and wrote while singing to her and bouncing her in her little chair as a newborn. Those are the greatest memories.


Secondly, the record's release helped me show and believe that even though I have a full-time job as a music and art teacher, a wife, a 1-year-old daughter and I'm just about 50 years old, that I can still chase dreams and live a creative life,” explains Shane about the record.

Shane Larmand's musical journey started in his teens when he began playing drums and ended up working his way through several bands playing the instrument. 

During those times, Shane still had melodies and ideas flowing through is head and eventually those were further explored after his father handed down his old Fender F-65 Acoustic.

Shane's father was a singer and performer and also had a huge influence on the artist musically. 

After being in bands Shane decided to break away and start his solo career which is when things really started to blossom for him. 

After a demo was created in 2018, it was accepted into the Sunrise Records Local Artist Contest and opened many doors for Shane including meeting engineer Jeff Weeks at 302 Productions in Bonnyville. 

Shane landed a runner up spot in the contest and had over 200 copies of the record printed which led to a tour performing shows both at venues and within Sunrise Records stores all across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

National Ramble serves as a testament to where Shane is at with his sound right now. 

The record is available for streaming and download on most major outlets. 


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