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With the release of The Flower and The Serpent EP, Samiah takes a fresh approach to hard hitting alternative and melodic rock. 

The first single, "Hunger", hits with an impactful and catchy tonality that becomes quickly infectious.

"Hunger was inspired by watching and reading a lot of upsetting news. At the time, I just remember thinking about how much basic empathy and kindness are lacking in a lot of areas in our society. Of course, there will always be hypocrisy, greed, and what I’d call an unhealthy penchant for sensationalism in the world. I understand that it’s human nature, but sometimes I still wish people didn’t suck!" - Samiah

Samiah started when two college friends decided to reunite in an effort to collaborate on a new project in 2021.

Once they got together, they quickly sparked that writing relationship again and the rest was history. 

After releasing several singles in 2021 including the popular "Demons" to rave reviews, the decision to finally release a full EP as made and The Flower and The Serpent was finally born.

The release is a testament to where they are at with their sound right now. 

We've evolved a lot! In fact, I still think I’ve got room for more evolution. When I originally started, everything sounded a tad too soft instrumentally for me. I hated it. So, I asked for some ideas on how to accomplish a more sonically “metal” sound from other bands that we toured with. (a special thanks to Bullet To The Heart) they were so kind and I soaked in their advice. We ended up scrapping the original version of our EP and rebuilding the songs from the ground up with a completely different tone. As we shifted to a heavier sound, the guys and I had to create more space for my voice in the songs. Personally, I wish I was the nastiest of screamers and that my voice could carry through anything, but I had to accept that it’s kind of soft and pretty. Despite that, I think I was able to use it to my advantage. We ended up accomplishing a very cool balance of pretty and heavy." - Samiah

The Flower and The Serpent is available for streaming and download on most major digital outlets. 

To learn more of Samiah, please visit:

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