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With the release of the Spirits, Jefferson Hyll takes a fresh approach to classic genres. With lush tones, progressive songwriting, and loads of character, the record boasts an anthemic pop rock aesthetic.

"My mother passed away in 2022, and I found the love of my life in ’23. Those events are two strong currents throughout the work. There’s also the looming fear of the end of culture's celebration of art, which is the place from where “Heroes” arose. And, despite all of the good things happening in life, there’s a darkness that still visits me from time to time (“Spirits”). It’s difficult to distill the essence of this album, but I think it reflects the tumultuous nature of my emotional experience over the past year-and-a-half," says Jefferson about the origins of the album.

The album blends rock with gestures toward myriad genres. At times, the sound is expansive, with soaring guitars and heavy-hitting drums. At others, it is soft and reflective, as in the piano-based track, “All This Light,” during which he juxtaposes love and art.

Detailed and descriptive lyrical approaches and memorable guitar sections give the release a robust and genuine style. 

It is the tension between mourning and celebration—and the reflective questioning, that drives the lyrical sensibilities. He covers myriad themes with evocative, sometimes provocative, lyrics: “When you get home to your head / is it a beautiful place to live?” he asks—in a song that only poses existential questions. “All my heroes are gone / they’re now ghosts walking through the halls of lore,” he laments on “Heroes.” Or, “We will jump headlong into Radial Days,” he celebrates on the opening track. On, “The Last Song, Untitled,” he hopes that “the sound [of the last song] is louder than the sound of that Disaster,” he sings, holding out hope that music will endure, or transcend, the apocalypse.

Spirits is his fourth full release. About his sound, he says, "it’s always teetering between some of the classic vibes of the 70s songwriters I love (Browne, Springsteen, Webb,  & Petty e.g.), 80s new wave (The Cure, New Order), at times, the theatricality of Broadway (someone commented that “Spirits” was a bit bombast), and more contemporary acts like Keane, Travis, or Coldplay. I avoided using many 80’s sounds on this album (verses on Good Future). This album is probably a mix between my first, Drive All Night and Dark in many ways," he says.

Spirits is available for streaming and download on major music platforms. 

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