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Izzy SKinner

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Izzy Skinner is now studying sound production and engineering after successfully graduating with an Honours year and bachelor's degree from the VCA, Melbourne University, specializing in jazz and improvisation.

Izzy started learning violin in Year 2 (2008) at the Little Yarra Steiner School and discovered

her talent. She was soon concert master of several


school groups including the Little Yarra Ensemble (LYE). LYE has recorded numerous CDs and toured regionally, as well as tours to Cairns and Hawaii. She has worked in groups, bands and ensembles/orchestras with untrained and operatic singers. In Year 10 she pursued a yearlong project to make a functional electric violin. After this she was inspired by the use of pedals and contemporary playing.

Izzy was encouraged to pursue music as a career and moved to the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School for VCE Studies
(2017/18) During this time she successfully completed her studies and transferred from classical to jazz. The yearly MRC (Melbourne

Recital Centre) concert VCASS found Izzy on the poster and also playing electric violin for a piece commissioned for the show by Andrea Keller.

She has successfully completed grade 1 through to grade 8 AMEB technical exams. Also to grade 5 music theory. She has sat as first
violin in various summer school groups, (including an authentic baroque orchestra with gut strings), was concertmaster in Mel-
bourne Youth Chamber Strings 2015, sat first violin for Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra, and spent two years with Melbourne

Youth Orchestra, before leaving to focus on year 12 and jazz studies. Izzy has had numerous work shops and master classes with

notable artists such as Eoin Anderson, Trevor Jones and Phillipa West of the MSO, the ACO (Australian Chamber Orchestra) and
Andrea Keller.

Izzy’s first work experience with the Melbourne based ‘Inventi’ ensemble also instilled confidence that a career in art is not just ac-
complishable, but also a fulfilling career.

During the first year of her Bachelor she started working in a music shop, joined two Mariachi bands, dabbled in recording string parts
for her peers, won some recording time in a band competition and plays yearly in the quartet for Bach St Johns Passions with the LYE
choir in Swanston Street. She is keen to participate in the new covid normal music scene and and make the most out of the
flourishing arts sector, post coronavirus.

Izzy is also a keen environmentalist and enjoys photography. Izzy released her debut album in early 2022 titled Mr. Wizard after
spending two years in lockdown.

Izzy was also handpicked for the ‘grant program’ for the final semester of her course which included the showcasing of a newly
composed contemporary jazz piece. She was also selected for the same ‘grant program’ in 2022 and is the only member completing
an honors degree.

In the Honours program she was required to make another album.

During her honours year, Izzy worked closely with Carnatic singer Shobha Sekhar and a First Nations mentor Rob Bundle (one of the
CEO’s of the Songlines project). Izzy investigated storytelling and mood through music and a new album will be out at the beginning
of 2023.

Skinner has also received her fiirst professional album review from Divide and Conquer in the UK and her first review/interview with
Buzz Slayers Blog.


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