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Eye 5 Senses Is Back at it. Digging deep into the crates of their childhood and bringing that raw 80's and 90's hip hop. 

With the next album "A Score for the Soirèe" Eye 5 Senses pays tribute to the rap legends of their youth in the funnest way possible.

The first Single "Tim's and Chuck's talk" will be dropping on June 23,2023 along with a music video. the single Consist of hard-hitting beats and rhymes reminiscent of the rap Group Onyx in the early 90's. Zack (aka Rappin' Zack) and Adam (aka A-Dawg) Have been working hard and sweating out in the studio to bring the perfect party soundtrack.

Though the two enjoyed what they were doing, later, Adam asked Zack to lay down a verse on a solo project he was working on and soon after, Adam himself was asked to play guitar on a solo project Zack was working on.


It was obvious to both that they should collaborate more and the birth of Eye 5 Senses came shortly after.


The duo had so much fun, they decided not to stop and although the band is only a year old, the two of them work together like they've been doing it for 20.


"With agreeing to never have boundaries our evolution started on day one. Whiskey Sipper might be the most well-rounded song so far. Meaning there’s every little bit and piece of what we do best in one song. These next songs allow for both of us to bring ideas together while still stepping out and up from our comfort zones. We see ideas and it still amazes me that these ideas just keep coming and evolving." says the band of their new release and working together.


"Tims and Chucks Talk" is available on all major streaming platforms right now.

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