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With the release of the Burn The Earth EP, Your Last Breath takes a fresh approach to a blistering metal style. Laced with addictive melodies, hard hitting undertones, and plenty of high-impact energy, the record boasts the aesthetic of metal anthems. 


 “Burn the Earth” for me was really about trying to make a statement and a name for ourselves. We have a lineup we really like, so we just wrote the most fun and ourselves music we could. For me since I was finishing college and was going to have more consistency in my schedule, I figured we should swing for the fences and book our first tour as well. The tour added a lot of pressure for over half a year while I booked it for us. “Burn the Earth” came from drive," explains the band of their record.

To get a full understanding of where Your Last Breath is coming from, the full EP is a must hear. 

After his former band, Dead Center came to a halt during the Covid lockdown, Dustan Wacker ended up founding Your Last Breath with his best friend Kaleb in 2021, meeting Brandon shortly after. 

After releasing several singles, an EP, and full album, the Burn The Earth EP serves as a testament to where they are at with their sound right now. 

"I think our sound since 2021 has changed a lot. We’ve gotten a new producer, changed lineups a lot, and also just experienced more as a band since then. I think we started with a more early metalcore feel, with post hardcore on top of it. I think it shifted a lot once we incorporated a different vocalist. 

    We became a lot heavier. Really embracing the metalcore foundation. I think we added a lot of different styles into our music. We’ve never really made ourselves write something we thought of beforehand. It always just comes up and we write what feel was right. After the first album the band was in a mixed state. Our lineup was unstable and ready to fall apart. It did, and once it did Kaleb and I said “we’re gonna get back to playing shows asap”. We wrote “Between Bliss & Torture” pretty much all in studio," says Dustin of the band's evolution in sound and approach.

Burn The Earth is available for streaming and download on all major outlets and the band is always working on new material for upcoming releases as well as performing live regularly. 

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