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With the release of  her new single "Goodbye", Yemily gives a stripped down, raw performance built off emotion and life experience. 


The singer-songwriter and pianist holds nothing back lyrically as she passionately braves the songs' very relatable subject. 

"'Goodbye' is about a loss connected to closing chapters in life. We all have closed chapters in our lifetime. And I feel particularly, that most of the time I have to close a chapter, I never had an option to leave open. Life constantly throws changes at us, and we have to grow. However, I get this overwhelming feeling of not being able to say goodbye. So, not that the goodbye isn't necessary, but that doesn't stop it from being hard. This song in particular was written when I was going away to college." explains songwriter Emily Moreno  of her single. 


Although the single speaks worlds for the artist, "Goodbye" is just a stepping stone for what's to come of her Blue Ballerina EP release later this year. 


"I took the raw sound of the single that I love so much, and just expanded upon that. It sounds slightly more produced (in a good way), with the same raw feeling and super raw sound as well as personal lyrics that I'm hoping people will feel with me. It's also slightly more mature content, but hey I'm twenty two so...yeah." says Moreno of writing the EP.


It's clear Emily Moreno has had a major love for music from a very young age. Her mother told her she was singing  from 3 years old and did it often. For Emily singing has just been a normal part of life. This of course, never changed and upon her older years, she became classically trained in Opera and even musical theatre. 


It wasn't until later that the artist found her footing as a singer-songwriter, but once she did, she opened a gateway to a different  form of creating music and expressing herself emotionally. 


"Goodbye" is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the songwriter is planning her Blue Ballerina EP release for October. 


To learn more of Yemily, please visit:



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