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With the release of "What You're Looking For," which premiered on KUTX 98.9, Wild Heaven takes a fresh approach to an alternative rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, hard-hitting undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of riot rock anthems.

The single brings on an attitude-driven performance with gritty undertones and an unstoppable energy that lets the band's presence truly shine. 

Bringing garage, alternative, punk, and more together in one swift move, the track leaves its mark and enforces the Wild Heaven sound and what's to be expected. 

Although the song speaks volumes for the band, their upcoming single dubbed "The Way That I Am," set to release June 7th, pushes their sound further with an expansive and grunge tone that still keeps to the staples that make them who they are. 

Wild Heaven began its musical journey with Laura Blewitt Delarosa, who started off singing in church choirs and playing piano as a child. She later stopped to pursue a career in journalism, until seeing an Iggy Pop Performance in 2017 changed everything for her. 

The show lit a fire in her to go back to her musical roots and she focused on guitar and songwriting from then on. 

She played her first open mic in May 2021 and later released the first single under the moniker of Saturnia Pavonia.

In 2023, Laura met multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and actress Aja Pollock at the Austin Femme Rock community and played together in the organization’s post punk band. 

Aja joined Saturnia Pavonia not long after.

Guitarist Josh Delarosa ended up joining the band after seeing them play at a show his own band was performing at. After seeing their performance, he opted to add more to the band's sound. 

Already known for his work with Of The Roses, Josh was a perfect addition to Saturnia Pavonia.

Drummer Andi LaGrone has been a regular part of post-punk music scene for several years. While spending her teen years in marching band and drum line, she started a garage band and that was the beginning of her love affair with writing and playing original alt-rock.

Andi joined the band finalizing the line-up and what was once Saturnia Pavonia is now Wild Heaven. 

Bringing together a multitude of influences and talent, the band is already making waves with "What You're Looking For" as they ramp up for the release of "The Way That I Am."

"The band's sound has evolved immensely in this short year! So much of that evolution is thanks to the contributions and inspirations from Josh and Aja. You'll hear a unique blend of influences in this album, particularly on Side B. Side B starts off with the first song Laura ever released, "Culture Warlords," which is the most psychedelic song on the album. Side B's next track is heavily influenced by The Smiths and is followed by one (in which Josh sings) that sounds a bit like The Strokes. "Hopeful Romantic" showcases a bit of folk/country influence (we do live in Texas, after all) and has a swingy, shuffle beat. The album concludes with "I Need You," which is the only true ballad on the album and really slows things down and gets super sentimental. We were excited to add some orchestral sounds in that song," says the band of their sound right now. 


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