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With the release of "Doom Scroller", Wiesinger takes a fresh approach to an alternative pop style. Laced with addictive melodies, hard hitting undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of edgy pop anthems. 


"Doom Scroller is about my own struggle and tendency with social scrolling. I can so get lost in my screen when I should be doing plenty of other more fruitful and meaningful things. It’s a call to wake up and live our lives fully because our time in our flesh and bones is so fleeting and time is constantly escaping us! We can’t get those moments back,” explains songwriter Justin Wiesinger of the single. 

Although the track speaks volumes for Wiesinger, to get a full understanding of where this is all coming from, the previous releases should be heard as well. 

WIESINGER began as the brainchild of Justin Wiesinger who started his musical Journey at the age of only 3 years old when he began taking music lessons.


After taking piano lessons through elementary School Justin joined a worship band in junior high school in which he played bass and was the singer.


It wasn't long after that when he and his friends began a pop punk band and began performing locally but his musical horizons expanded after dealing with some mental health issues at which point, he started getting into songwriting for himself.


Using music as a tool and an outlet to be able to deal with his mental battles and inner struggles, he found certain solace and comfort in creating and recording.


The WIESINGER Music project was formed out of the pandemic. Which started as a hobby to help Justin cope with feelings of sadness and anxiety, quickly became something more that lead to multiple release and numerous live shows.

With previous releases like "Sitcom" and "Sweet Tooth" released to rave reviews, "Doom Scroller" takes a slightly different path.

"I think I’ve been okay risking dabbling in different influences/genres and truly being honest with where I’m at as an artist and human being in my experiences. I think when we’re honest is when we can translate the best art to the world. I don’t want to try to sound like someone else cause I’m mainly writing these songs for me and what I’m presently going thru," says Justin of the approach for the single. 


"Doom Scroller" it's available for streaming and download on all major outlets and the project is always booking more shows for live performances and working on new material for upcoming releases.


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