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With the release of the Witches single, Two Inch Voices takes a fresh approach to an alternative style. Laced with addictive melodies, meaningful undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of classic rock anthems. 

“Witches” I would say, is my thank you to the witches of all faiths. Because without them there would be nothing. We forget about nature, its place in our lives and just how powerful we as beings are. It’s important to see yourself as a witch or warlock in a way that can create life and that our relationship with nature is pure and intimate," says songwriter Jeffrey Arnold of the single.

Two Inch Voices is the brainchild of songwriter Jeffrey Arnold who spent his earlier years drumming or singing in various rock and metal bands until one of those bands came to an end in 2007. 

It was then that Arnold decided to start working on a solo project of sorts and began writing songs on an acoustic guitar with the idea to bring those songs into a full band soundscape. 

As for the name Two Inch Voices, Arnold has this to say: "The name 

‘Two Inch Voices’ comes from elementary school. I was a loud child, and my teacher would say to me, “They are right in front of you, use your two-inch voices please.”

The pandemic ended up breaking up the band experience and now Arnold performs as a solo act aside from playing with a bassist from time to time. 

"The project is more soulful and stripped down than the rock band vibe. There’s maturity I like to think that comes with experience(s) and life in general. I’ve been blessed with amazing friends and musicians in my life that are always pushing me and introducing me to music of all kinds. I think being more open minded has helped shape where Two Inch Voices’ sound was to where it is and is going," explains Arnold of where the sound is at right now. 

"Witches" is available on most major outlets for download and streaming and the artist is always working on new material for upcoming releases.

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