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The Transits

With the release of "Renegade Hearts", The Transits takes a fresh approach to an alternative pop-rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, dream like undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of timeless rock anthems. 

"This one kinda came outta nowhere. It wasn’t planned at all, but we felt like releasing a slightly higher energy single after When you went away. We wanted something anthemic and driving. Renegade Hearts perfectly blends Punk Rock with a touch of indie. Lyrically this one hits home if you’ve ever felt outta place and haven’t really found your groove yet. It’s about celebrating your true self for all the quirks and chaos. The song is been well received and it’s joined When you went away on the South African Top 40. Pretty cool having two songs on the chart. We’ve also released a music video for Renegade Hearts which has a great visual representation of the idea." explains the band of their single. 

Although the single speaks volumes for the band, to get a full understanding of where The Transits is really coming from, checking out their back catalogue of releases is an absolute must do.


"We’re a band that’s had two lives. The 3 of us started playing together at 15 years old which was some time ago.

Being in a band and learning our instruments was just an extension of our friendship and wanting to hang out to do cool shit. Then at some point we went off and formed other bands, moved countries and just grew as people. Cut to 2022 when we reformed as The Transits and immediately started writing and recording songs. It feels fresh and exciting. The creative energy and passion are as potent as ever." - The Transits

"Renegade Hearts" is available on all major streaming platforms and the band is already getting ready to release more material in the coming months. 

To learn and hear more of The Transits, please visit:


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