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Sets are 30 - 45  minutes in duration.  

Past Shows:

9/2/2017 Hive Mind: Akron, Ohio
9/30/2017 Annabells: Akron, Ohio
10/27/2017 McAlpine Meadery: Beach City, Ohio
11/16/2017 Buzzbin: Canton, Ohio
1/5/2018: Annabells: Akron, Ohio
1/19/2018: Buzzbin: Canton, Ohio
1/26/2018: Empire Concert Club: Akron, Ohio
2/17/2018: Annabells: Akron, Ohio
2/23/2018: Aqueduct Brewing: Akron, Ohio
3/17/2018: McAlpine Meadery: Beach City, Ohio
3/24/2018: George's Lounge: Canton, Ohio
5/19/2018: Jupitor Studios: Alliance, Ohio
6/7/2018: Buzzbin: Canton, Ohio
7/12/2018: Annabells: Akron, Ohio
7/20/2018: Jupitor Studios: Alliance, Ohio



9/8/3/2018: Pat's in the Flats: Cleveland, Ohio
8/9/2018: Buzzbin: Canton, Ohio
8/18/2018: PorchRokr Festival: Akron, Ohio
9/6/2018: Buzzbin: Canton, Ohio
9/14/2018: George's Lounge: Canton, Ohio
10/12/2018: Aqueduct Brewing: Akron, Ohio
12/14/2018: Aqueduct Brewing: Akron, Ohio
1/19/2019: Annabells: Akron, Ohio
2/8/2019: CODA: Cleveland, Ohio
2/22/2019: McAlpine Meadery: Beach City, Ohio
3/29/2019: Musica: Akron, Ohio
4/19/2019: The Rialto Theatre: Akron, Ohio
4/27/2019: Buzzbin: Canton, Ohio
6/28/2019: Empire Concert Club: Akron, Ohio
7/6/2019: Buzzbin: Canton, Ohio


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8/17/2019: PorchRokr Festival: Akron, Ohio
8/24/2019: Rialto Theatre: Akron, Ohio
9/14/2019: Rialto Theatre: Akron, Ohio
9/20/2019: The Matinee: Akron, Ohio
10/4/2019: Tiki Underground: Hudson, Ohio
10/11/2019: Annabells: Akron, Ohio
10/25/2019: CODA: Cleveland, Ohio
11/16/2019: The Dome: Kent, Ohio
12/13/2019: Musica: Akron, Ohio

With the release of their debut full length album Can't Stop the World From Spinning, The Lowsiders take a fresh approach to classic genres and give the record a life all its own. Lush with addictive progressions, a soulful vocal approach, and classic rock undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems.

The first single, “Revolutions", immediately grabs you with it's infectious guitar riff, followed by it's building arrangement allowing it to breathe as it unfolds.

"The title of the song came to me when I was reading and hearing about the latest political unrest in Asia, but I really started writing it when I was digging into the bible a lot at the time and got inspired by old sort of wisdom literature. It turned into a song more about cycles that happen where we sort of can't tell the difference between the beginning and the end of things at different places of our lives. I consider myself a writer and a lyricist before a musician and I really get off playing with words," explains songwriter Nathan Edmunds of the bands single. "With "Revolutions" I really dug the irony of its meanings. A forcible overthrow of  a social order on one hand, and something revolving (ending and starting at the same place) on the other. Then, I was watching the show Fargo with my wife, and the character started talking about exactly that! To me, that was a sign to keep digging into the tune!"

Revolutions is a logical first single and really sets the tone for what The Lowsiders were trying to achieve in the context of the entire album.

"I think more than anything Revolutions really captures the sound of the album. Grooving drums that drive the tune, reverb, great tone, and a lot of the themes to a certain extent from a lyrical perspective," says Edmunds of creating the record.  

The Lowsiders came to fruition beginning with Nathan Edmunds searching for musicians to work on a folk project with. He met multi-instrumentalist Matt Warner and was almost immediately impressed with Warner's instinct for playing, and the two went on to write songs and play together. Ultimately, the folk project evolved into weirder psychedelic blues rock as they continued to hone their sound.

They found drummer David Taggart who was a perfect fit, musically and personally, according to Edmunds, and the three began the recording process in earnest. Can't Stop The World From Spinning is a culmination of where The Lowsiders sound landed after months of working though the tunes.

Can't Stop The World From Spinning is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets, as well as compact disc and vinyl. The band is currently working on new material for upcoming releases.