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With the release of The Meow Factor EP, The Hyperdrive Kittens takes a new approach to some classic genres to create something all their own. Laced with character, an edgy and colorful undertone, and plenty of hooks, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative pop rock anthems. 

The first single "Rocky Road is an explosive example of the band's style and attitude. 


Rocky Road is a song written by Kittens founder Lee Sanders brought to new heights by this batch of Kittens—it was an easy first pick when we decided to record a new album. It really started with Lee and Jenene talking one day, you know just the typical conversation about Candy and Sex Play. It became Candyland only with a whole new rulebook! ....using Pop Rocks, there was a Big Hunk joke, Mr. Goodbar, Junior Mint – musings like “what do they really mean” and “are Candy Bar names sexual”?  explains the band of the single.

Although the singles speak volumes for the band, to get a full understanding of where The Hyperdrive Kittens is really coming from, the EP should he heard as a whole.

“There’s shared influences and then some divergence with individual influences, especially as new Kittens come in and the sound changes a bit. For the main course, musical influences definitely include The Cramps, Rocky Horror, New York Dolls, The Ramones, Rancid. The Stones were huge for Lee, and later in life Terry Kath guitarist from early Chicago, Underdog, The Beatles. AND Pop Culture as musical influences too.... cartoons, jingles, the Partridge family.” says the band of writing new songs.


Jenene met Lee Sanders in the late -80s, probably 1989 on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. At first they were just goofing around with a 4 track and Ziggy Stardust....but raised the bar to wanting to drink some beer and play New York Dolls and Ramones covers. In the 90’s...maybe 1994 or 95, Marta connected with Lee at Subway Guitars on Cedar St. in Berkeley.

Lee had a workshop right near Subway where he did guitar repairs and one day mentioned to

Alex “I see you have a female student”. Alex called Marta and said “this guy wants you to audition in band” and she did. 

Kittens had variety of lineups and finally an extended hiatus caused by creative differences – tumultuous romantic relationships and breakups.

In 2015 Kittens reformed thanks to good timing and Dave Dalton of the Screaming Bloody Mary’s. Dave was getting his band together and told Jenene, “you (Hyperdrive Kittens) should really get back together”.

The next year the band put out Back to the Alley which included early hits like Addiction and previously released Singles, plus new songs Roommate Hell, Vicki and Child of the Night. It was the last release with Lee who unexpectedly died in 2018 and the Kittens were once again on hiatus.

Then, co-founder Jenene Curtis, Marta Bulaich, Pat Duffey, and Billie Duffey decide to carry on.  Eventually after some stalking they get

Tymber (Slam Suzzanne, The Deadlies) to come jam and everything just clicked –the drummer Lee always would have wanted.  They decide to record The Meow Factor but during the recording process Billie and Pat Duffey get lost on the beaches of Mexico and in order to finish the album, Tommy Lafferty (Voodoo X, Crown of Thorns, Jean Beauvoir, From the Fire) gets called in to complete the solo for Rocky Road.  The Meow Factor gets finished.  


Fast forward to today, with a new EP and lineup of Jenene Curtis - vox, Marta Bulaich - guitar, Tommy Lafferty – lead guitar, Rob Niedel -bass and Tymber - drums, the Kittens are back--- again!   ...and sassier than ever as they leap into the year with awesome live shows and more music to unleash!

The Meow Factor was mastered by East Bay Ray (Dead Kennedys) and stands as a testament to where they are at with their sound right now.


To learn more of The Hyperdrive Kittens please visit:


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