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With the release of "The World Is Lost At Midnight", The Elegant Chasers takes a fresh approach to an alternative rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, hard hitting undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of heavy rock anthems. 


"THE WORLD IS LOST AT MIDNIGHT, a story going back to my late childhood where it all started to go wrong. A song that touches from personal experiences on the subjects of bullying & racism at school. Dreading the following day, I would instead get lost with music as a form of escapism, being the only way out for me in terms of my mental headspace! Armed with just an old Sony cassette player, headphones & a load of old-skool albums.


It was a time for this little boy to forget the world & his troubles... The thing is it did the trick as I always attended school the next day, never taking a day off however bad it got. That's a test of inner strength I suppose but the reality is I should have probably done the opposite. Moved schools / taken further action etc. But that is in hindsight. I was very naive and lacked self-confidence at the time. The working title actually was called "In My Room" as it was a place where I took solace," explains songwriter Marios Loizou of the single. 

Listening to tapes late at night, Marios also began delving into playing keyboard, often composing songs and writing lyrics.

When he was 12, his father helped him get an acoustic guitar and soon after, an electric guitar which gave him a platform to continue writing music.

He would later join forces with his cousin Kay Loizou who was a brilliant pianist and the two would go on to create songs together and have released several albums that incorporated her playing and singing along with the keyboard synthesizer and electric guitars performed by Marios.

He went on to form the band MiRMiS in South London, in the late 1990's and played prestigious venues such as the Clapham Grand, The London Astoria, The Barfly in Camden but eventually found being in bands is not all that easy 

whist also juggling with his main job as a Television Producer.


Once the lockdown happened Marios used it as a perfect excuse to begin his solo career, as he had been made redundant from his TV role. Bruised and with a sense of injustice he retrained as a Fire Alarm Engineer. It was at this point he began to write new music as a cathartic way of coping and these songs would make up the crux of his debut album Sentimental Dust.

"The Elegant Chasers is ultimately a solo project with just me calling all the shots, it's a lot easier in some respects even though it's extremely time consuming, I've had to learn other instruments and ultimately how to engineer and produce a record that sounds top notch. I didn't want my music to sound like "bedroom DIY recordings." I wanted it to sound like a proper band." says Marios of the music.

In terms of playing the songs live, there have been rumours of putting a full electric band together but at the moment Marios continues to perform on Acoustic Guitar with his good friend Lloyd "Keith Moon" Pritchard smashing it up on percussion.

After releasing several singles and a full-length album as well as producing and editing his own music videos, "The World Is Lost At Midnight" serves as a testament to where the project is at right now. 

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