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The Conall BaND

Essai Cover for CDBaby 3_26_22.jpg

With the release of the Essai album, The Conall Band takes a fresh approach to an alternative pop-rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, colorful undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of timeless rock anthems. 

"After the release of our first album, This Way’s Up!, my bass player and I did a tour of a number of AAA radio stations in the North East and SouthEastern States. Then Covid hit, ending the radio tour. During 2020 and 2022 I started to write and record new songs, 3 at a time, and released them as singles on Spotify. Towards the end of 2022 I had completed 9 songs, 3 unreleased, and we decided to put them all out on Essai. The album was called Essai, the French word for essay. My songs are stories, so Essai seemed like a good title!"

explains songwriter Pat O'Connell on how the record came to be. 

After playing in a number of configurations in Cork, Ireland during his early 20's, Pat O'Connell relocated to New York in 1983 and took a long hiatus from making music. 

It wasn't until 2010 that he began performing at open mics again and in 2015 alone he played in over 40 venues around NYC, Paris and Cork.

In 2016 he performed in 12 showcases in 11 months and by this time had written some original songs to play live and in 2017 began playing with others.

By 2018 a full line up was together with Artie Greenidge (bass), John Ragusa (woodwinds), Hugh Pool (guitars, engineering and production), and Hugh’s drummer, Keith Robinson. The guys recorded the first 10 track record dubbed This Way’s Up! 

Since then, the bassist was replaced after having to leave the band bringing a final lineup together with Charlie D.


"We record in Excello Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Hugh Pool owns the studio, and in addition to all the computer gear, he has a serious, old school analogue environment. We record on 2” tape through vintage amps, and mix down, through vintage effects, through a 32-track mixing board, on to 1/2” stereo tapes. All music is mastered by Scott Hull at MasterDisk. I wanted the warm sound of tape for our records. The Live record, however, was done on ProTools, as that was what was available at the venue." explains Pat on how they tracked the new record. 

Essai is available on all major streaming outlets and the band is already working on new material for upcoming releases.

To learn more of The Conall Band please visit:

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