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With the release of the Pastel Summer EP, The Amy Incident takes a fresh approach to some classic genres and gives the record a life all its own. Laced with addictive progressions, an honest and upfront lyrical approach, and some punk-rock undertones, the record boasts the aesthetic of pop rock anthems. 

""Pastel Summer is an EP of older songs that I decided to rework and release again. The process for putting the songs together and making them what I wanted them to be took a little over a year and a half and I just wanted to put out some fun songs to play at the beach that don't take each other too seriously. They are fun songs that each have their own unique feel, whether that be writing songs about Broadway shows or 80's cult films, they are all just very unique and fun songs. I wrote them to just have a little more fun." " explains songwriter Morgan Brown of the record. 

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Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where The Amy Incident is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.


"This was our first full record release. The first mini project I released was an album by The Amy Incident and friends called Lucid Dreams and Lonely nights. Putting together this record made my sound really come out, I feel." says Brown of creating the album.


The Amy Incident came to fruition when songwriter producer Morgan Brown was performing bass guitar in a band called Jump Start. After some years of intense work with Jump Start Morgan decided to take The Amy Incident more seriously and recruited drummer James McCarthy for the project. 


Focusing on writing and recording, the two put together enough songs for a full length release and The Amy Incident was truly born with it. 


The Amy Incident is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the band is already working on several upcoming releases for Summer. 


To learn more of The Amy Incident, please visit: