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With the release of "500 Degrees" featuring szn.wav, Swonk takes a fresh approach to an expansive R&B style. Laced with addictive melodies, lush undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of colorful pop and R&B anthems. 


"500 Degrees is one of my favorite productions.  I linked up with szn.wav (the vocalist) randomly on Instagram and really liked his work.  I had the 500 Degrees beat sitting for some time and didn't expect much to happen with it.  I sent it to szn.wav and he amazed me with what he came back with.  It signifies my love for and bridging R&B influences, which I grew up listening to, into my productions.  The guitar solo is a staple of the record and was done by the super talented Tom Reyes.  His playing is just so smooth and classic.  It's one of those records that has a late-night vibe type of feeling with you and your girl and no destination.  We actually have an acoustic version in the vault that I'm planning on releasing.  It brings an entirely new vibe to the track,” explains Swonk of the single. 

The story of how Joshua Swonke became Swonk the artist begins when he was very yuong. 

Some of the artist's earliest memories are of going to choir practice at church with his mother where he was able to see how music connected and affected others. 


In his teenage years, Joshua would end up in a music group with friends selling mixtapes and soon enough, he got into the art or production and started learning guitar, piano and drums. 

He went on to completing a recording arts program at a professional studio in Houston which housed many major artists, including Selena, and where Destiny Child's recorded some of their earlier work.

As Swonk, he has been focused on creating a melting pot of the many styles that inspired him as a youngster and building his own sound with it all. 

"500 Degrees" serves as a testament to where he is at right now.


"I always try to keep an organic human feel in the mix, but with a modern appeal.  I love drums and bass that are hard and heavy to make you really feel it, but I tend to layer that with chords and melodies that evoke emotion and feel somewhat ethereal.  Nowadays I am incorporating more driving rhythms into the production which have an electronic dance feel, but still true to who I am as an artist and what I am best at.   Some influences of mine include Mike Dean, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Timbaland, Turbo, and Louis Bell.  All in all I want to be diverse but retain a signature sound," says Swonk of his evolution as an artist and producer.

The single and others is available on all major outlets for streaming and download and the artist is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 

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