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Stuart Pearson


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With the release of his second Dark American album, " Mojave" Stuart Pearson expands on his tuneful western gothic, folk and pop flavored songs, blending genres to achieve a familiar, yet offbeat sound.

There are hints of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen thrown in a bucket with ghosts of the 1800's. The album features murder ballads: songs of bad decisions, dangerous people and the inevitable consequences. It has been called "dark, disturbing and a lot of fun."

The first single, “You Don't See Me (Jimmy Crack Corn)" grabs you with its infectious, rustic alt-pop groove, and eerie vocal approach.

Pearson explains; "'You Don't See Me' is based on the macabre lyrics of the old American folk song 'Jimmy Crack Corn.' I wanted this version to sound like it was being whispered over the payphone at a crumbling motel in the Mojave Desert. It's a dance track for vampires on Seroquel." 

"As far as the dark americana / western goth stuff, I have always had a fascination with death and that portal we all cross through. I drowned when I was 15 - the whole heart stopping, leaving-the-body thing. I was gone for several minutes. Ever since then I have wanted to investigate that thin membrane that separates us from grandma and Elvis. Dark Americana tickles that chin with long, sharp fingernails."  

Pearson has been making a name for himself in the Dark Americana scene, after spending more than a decade exploring different genres, from art rock/ punk albums to concept pieces that recreate the sound of radio broadcasts from the '60's and '80's.

“Mojave” and “Stories and Songs” are available on all major streaming outlets. Pearson is currently working on new material and videos for his next Dark Americana album.

To learn more about Stuart Pearson, please visit:

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