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With the release of the "Colorado" single, Sparks in the Garden brings out a warm and comforting tone and heartfelt approach to a folk-rock and singer songwriter feel.

The song is inspired by a road trip we took in 1995 from Florida to Fort Collins, Colorado, where we planned to visit family. We had never seen the Rockies before. And as we were heading west out of Kansas, we just decided to intentionally take the long way around and go through Aspen. We were just kind of like "When will we ever get to do this again?" And also, I think we were somewhat motivated by the movie Dumb and Dumber, in which driving to Aspen is central to the plot. I guess we thought it would be something fun to look back on if we sort of imitated the movie. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea and we just committed to it without much discussion. It was very impractical, but it ended up being the best thing we could have done. explains songwriter Tim Fluharty.


Sparks In The Garden was established in 2015 by brothers Tim and CJ, when they decided to work together on creating music and own the musical style that came out naturally in their songwriting. It is at least the eighth band they have formed or played in together since they first started learning to play instruments. 


Their musical journey began with the influence of their mom, who was a singer in a rock band and always celebrated her love of rock music at home. Growing up in the MTV generation, they were inspired by all the different bands they watched in music videos, and developed a love for a wide range of musical genres. 


In addition to playing in cover bands and other original projects together over the years, their journey to becoming the independent artists they are right now includes performing in school choirs, jazz ensembles, theater orchestra, marching band, acapella quartets, and musical theater, as well as garage bands, studio sessions for other Indies, solo songwriting, and even being non-instrumentalist singers in a bluegrass band.


They continue to perform both public and private shows, while always working to improve the quality of their live performances. They are currently in the process of recruiting and forming a new band to elevate their live shows even further.


Their first EP "Trails of Light" was released in 2021 and is available on all platforms. They also have a follow-up EP completed, with plans to release it later this year.


"Colorado" is available on all digital outlets to stream or download.

To find out more about Sparks in the Garden please visit:


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