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Sonic Honey

With the release of the "LMK" single, Sonic Honey takes a fresh approach to pop and R&B feel that embeds a powerful hook and addictive songwriting. 

"The beat is fresh and timely. We wrote the song with the help of friends in Texas during a session we had in Austin at the height of the pandemic, no less. We also wrote remotely with a seasoned songwriter named Koko Laroo. She’s best known for her work with Bebe Rexha. As far as the subject matter of the song, the words pretty much speak for themselves. It’s one of those stories everyone on planet earth can relate to. Who hasn’t been in a new relationship and needed just a bit more from their lover?" explains the group of their single.

The Story of how Sonic Honey came to be begins with an app called Clubhouse. 

Group members Alyssa B and Glo had already started working on the beginnings of the project when they found third member AD, who is also named Alyssa, on the Clubhouse app. 


After talking on the app, they finally decided to collaborate and the very first time the three of them were in the same room together was at their first studio session in Houston. 


The session went very well as they all vibed personally and musically.  The rest was history. 


From then on, they knew the vision they shared for the group would come to fruition. 


When asked what fans can expect from them next, they exclaimed, "A lot of new music, visuals, performances!" 


After an electric performance during SXSW, the group has already received invites to perform on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and "LMK" has been making waves in several blogs already.

To learn more of Sonic Honey, please visit:



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