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Roger Zambrano

E P K 

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With the release of the "Gone" single, Roger Zambrano breathes new life into cinematic rock style . Laced with melodic overtones, a lively energy, and plenty of pop influence, the song boasts the aesthetic of radio rock ballad anthems. 


The single is quickly addictive with an almost theatrical feel and beautifully building arrangement. 


"The song is called Gone because I literally disappeared and blocked someone after they started to act messy. This single is about heartbreak as I am in a cathartic phase writing about all my bad experiences in love from the past." explains the artist of his single.

Although "Gone" speaks volumes for the artist, to get a real understanding of where Zambrano is coming from, hearing its counterpart "Agosto en Madrid" is a must.


"I'm trying to create a foundation in my career with only singles for now.  I’ll be releasing a conceptual EP later this year for sure. I've been told all the time that I’m rare or weird, ever since I was a kid. As an artist that’s my forte. I want to stand out and I'm good at it. My uniqueness makes me unique. Also, I’m a queer latino singing in both English and Spanish Maybe I'm one of a kind!" says Zambrano of is style.

Roger Zambrano began his musical journey at the age of only 4 years old when he can remember jumping up and down and making up songs to go with the rhythm. At 9 the artist started singing at his church and laer in high school, he joined the school chorus. 


After some time traveling Zambrano decided to put more focus on his own material and dove into a more serious side of things which is when he came up with the concept for "Gone". He hasn't stopped creating since. 


Roger Zambrano's music is built from the foundation of wanting to make something conceptual and yet eclectic and to be completely honest and real with sharing his own life stories with the world. 


His next single release "Bullet", is set to release this Valentines day while "Gone" and "Agosto en Madrid" are available now on all major digital outlets for streaming or download. 


To learn more about Roger Zambrano, please visit:

Roger Zambrano Instagram

Roger Zambrano YouTube

Roger Zambrano Spotify

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