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Renee Ruth

With the release of the Dreaming, Renee Ruth takes a fresh approach to an alternative dream-pop style. Laced with addictive melodies, lush undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of cinematic pop anthems. 

" Dreaming was a song about losing someone ... knowing they're gone but feeling them still here - that idea of being haunted by the ghosts of relationships past. I have a few ghosts, so it was easy to tap into that space :)"

explains Ruth of her single. 

Although the single speaks volumes for Renee, to get a full understanding for where she is coming from, listening to her previous releases is an absolute must.

Renee Ruth has had her roots in music since she was just a child singing in her church group in Canada which started with her being on stage next to her parents and from there, she went on to continue singing her entire youth. 

She had songs laid out in her head and knew what she wanted things to sound like, but it wasn't until she found her producer that things really changed for her musically. 

Upon sending John McLucas a track she had recorded, the producer sent her back a 30 second clip that was so perfect, it was as if her read her mind. This began a 3-year partnership and a compilation of over 30 songs completed together.

It is working so well in fact, that her last single "Lose My Breath" was submitted for the 66th annual Grammys.

She soon after released her self-titled EP which included "Lose My Breath" along with three other songs and has taken the reigns to forge her own path in the pop arena.

"I was as a singer-songwriter in that first EP in's almost night and day how intensely my sound has changed. I think it's amazing how you can follow an artist's growth and see the change over time. I am still growing, and my sound is still evolving and I'm branching into other genres and spaces and just having so much fun creating! " Explains Ruth of her evolution in songwriting.

Both Dreaming and Lose My Breath are available on all major streaming outlets along with her other releases and Renee is always working on new material for what lies ahead. 

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