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With the release of the Fell for The World LP, Rainy takes a fresh approach to a classic folk and singer-songwriter feel that embeds a powerful hooks and addictive songwriting. 

"This album grew from traveling and moving. I've always been inspired by the road and with the people, places and connections we make along the way. Nature and our relationships with each other continue to be my deepest well of inspiration for writing music.



I love writing and playing Latin and African rhythms and switching instruments helps me to see new perspectives musically as well as lyrically. 'Fell For the World' comes straight out of that mixing pot."
explains the artist of his album.

Rainy began his long musical journey as a child when he became quite obsessed with his grandmother's piano. 

Coming from a musical family, his mother played guitar and sang to himself, and his sister and music was always in the air as he grew up.

By the time he was 15 he had picked up a guitar and got himself in front of a drum set as his first instruments and throughout his teen years played punk, grunge, and metal as that was his influence at the age. 

Moving into his own singer-songwriter approach wasn't until a bit later and with it's happening, the artist quickly fell in love with the style of songwriting.

The multi-instrumentalist performs everything from drums and percussion, to guitars, vocals, sitar, piano, and more on the new release and it is certainly a testament to where he is at with his sound right now. 

"I’ve always been drawn to music that I don’t understand as well as what feels good. I think pushing your comfort levels to expand into new rhythms, new instruments and melodies is a crucial element for me to grow as a writer and performer. I’d like to think that that kind of approach has changed my sound dramatically. When I first started out I was playing grunge and metal. After a move to London I trained as a sound engineer and just about every kind of music poured into my ears from that point on. Latin and African rhythms have been the most profound change for me as a writer. Playing congas back in the late nineties changed everything for me rhythmically and made me play the drum kit in a different light. This album has feels in five and six eight that have become like second nature over the years. I’ve always written from my own experiences, our connection with nature and the need to put something encouraging and positive into the world; so in that sense nothing has changed. I’d say it’s rhythm that has been the biggest shift for me musically. Ultimately I’ve always strived to serve the song when it come to the ’sound’ and that can end up taking you all over the place. On ‘Fell For The World’ for example the cinematic sound on ‘Wishing Well’ is totally different from the dry bluesy sound on ’Slow Down’. It just keeps changing the more I write." Says Rainy of his musical inspirations. 

The Fell for the World album is available now on all major digital outlets and Rainy is always working on new material for upcoming releases.


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