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With the release of the Ocean View album, Pet Dreams takes a new approach to blending genres to create something all its own. Laced with character, an edgy and colorful undertone, and plenty of hooks, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie-pop anthems. 


The first single and title track "Climbing Trees" grabs you with synth hooks and a nostalgic undertone.


"Climbing Trees is a reminder that we have to keep fighting through the hard times, be thankful for good things that come our way, and move forward. The character I chose has a tendency to get stuck in a loop, and then things get worse and worse, making it harder and harder. 'Climbing Trees' is sort of a metaphor that it's always going to be an uphill battle and that we need to not be knocked backwards by this idea, hard as it may be.” explains songwriter Ryan Davis of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a full understanding of where Pet Dreams is really coming from, the album should be heard in its entirety. 


“The songs on the record were written during the same time as the previous releases. I think what sets them apart isn't so much the sound, it's more that the songs on Ocean View are very different conceptually. They all address situations that require seeing things in a different perspective in order to accept them. Ocean View is just about learning to see things with an open mind.” says the artist of creating his sound.


Pet Dreams is the brainchild of songwriter Ryan Davis who, before the project started, had been writing songs for years. The Oceanview album consists of songs written over the years, the oldest being from 2015.  Even then Davis hadn't yet begun to delve into the recording process. This happened later and once it began, it was impossible for him to stop. 


In 2020 the artist released his first EP titled Time Away and to do so, he took songs recorded on an 8 track unit and began transferring them to  his laptop and DAW. 


The newly released Oceanview album brings songs old and new together and enabled Davis to put something together that held massive meaning for him. 


The Oceanview album is available on most major digital outlets for streaming and download and Davis is always putting together new ideas for upcoming releases.


To learn more of Pet Dreams please visit: Pet Dreams Spotify


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