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With the release of "Parts of You", Nora Tirrell takes a fresh approach to a classic singer-songwriter style with a beautiful and honest touch that builds a warming and heartfelt approach. 

"I used to only write songs when I was sad or going through breakups as an angsty teenager, and I definitely got some good material out of those experiences! But seeing where I am now, I love writing songs that can be inspired by even just one small interaction, or one thing that happens in my day, rather than feeling like something catastrophic has to occur in order for me to feel inspired to write. I've been inspired by heartbreak for sure, but also, I've found I've been writing music about complicated family relationships, people passing away, and it's really therapeutic to write about difficult things" explains Nora of her inspirations for writing her music. 

Nora has been influenced by music since she was just a child listening to The Beatles and Paul Simon in her walk-man as she roamed her backyard and household singing the songs out loud. 

The songwriter was touched by music since she first heard it and was astounded at the art form and how artists were able to articulate how they felt into song. 

Although she didn't enjoy taking piano lessons as a child, she now appreciates them all seeing that her performances are piano and vocal based.

Nora went on to record her 2017 album All These Words and followed this with singles released throughout the years. 

"Parts of You" is a testament to where she is at with her sound right now. 

The single is available on all major streaming outlets and Nora is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 

To learn more of Nora Tirrell please visit her WEBSITE.


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