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With the release of the Chin Up Sunshine EP, Nicky Aiken takes a new approach to an anthemic rock feel that embeds a powerful hook and an unstoppable energy. 

The first single "TRY!" grabs you with a memorable riff and uplifting rock atmosphere.


"I was doing washing in the house, and I started humming this Riff. And quickly sang it into my phone forgot about it for a week. During that time, I had a Reunion with some old Forces mates (I’m an Ex Royal Marine) and during that very Boozy weekend we all discussed the effects Drinking had had on the early parts of our lives, more importantly it was wishing to go back and change things and do things differently. Fast forward 2 days and one of the lads said he was going to give the Booze a break, and he was given full support from all of us and we all took a leaf out of his book and gave it a break. I was Inspired by his heroism and his drive. I sat down with the Guitar and started playing, and accidently sang over the Riff I had come up with a week later. And the song evolved in such a way that it was a lesson from Experience to those who are exploring alcohol and other things. Things can be so much better if you just TRY!"  explains the songwriter of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for his music, to get a full understanding of where Nicky Aiken is really coming from, the full EP is a must hear.

"I seem to come up with ideas when I’ve not got an Instrument anywhere near me recently. I have to Sing or hum it to my phone and run off to the Home Studio ASAP. I have recently got my hands on a free Piano from the 60’s and I’ve already started writing on it. Was a mega find!" says Aiken of creating music his way.


"Try!" is the latest in a string of releases building up to the Chin Up Sunshine EP which is now available everywhere! 

The artist also released an album in 2016 followed by an EP in 2017 which all bear some new ground for him musically, but the newer material shows strides in songwriting and style.

You can hear more on his Spotify page.


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