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With the release of the Breakdown album, Nervous takes a fresh approach to a vivacious rock sound. Laced with addictive melodies, edgy undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie-rock anthems. 


"Nervous started as a post lockdown project for us, we were looking to have some fun with our friends and explore new musical directions together. Before Nervous Kyle was playing in Sam's band The Assassination Plot, Joe and Rachel had played with Sam's older band Dirty Wings, and John has been a longtime friend of Sam's. We were surprised to quickly and naturally arrive at the Nervous sound, we don't sound like any other project we've been a part of yet. It's always an exciting experience to see what our next song will sound like and how we keep evolving as a band, explains the band of their release.  

The album serves as a testament to where the band has landed with their sound and with the record available for streaming and download on all major outlets, the guys are already working on the follow up LP. 

The songs on the Breakdown record each have a different meaning but have a particular way of connecting with each other at the same time. 

"When we first started playing together, we found that we had a natural chemistry together, we had only been a band for a few months when we already had a full album's worth of songs. John's practice space has a nice little recording setup, so we were able to do a proper pre-production on the album. When it came time to record with Travis Harrison of Serious Business Music in Dumbo, we knew exactly what we wanted to do, and were able to record the majority of the album in two sessions. Afterwards Kyle recorded the vocal harmonies, claps, and some guitar dubs at The Owl Music Parlor, Astoria Soundworks, and Machine Chilling Sound Labs. With the exception of the vocals and a few punches, just about everything else on the album was tracked live. As a five piece we have a full enough sound that we didn't feel the need to over produce it, and thanks to the live tracking you can really hear what we sound like as a band with little embellishment, it really is just the 5 of us making our music together. 


Fitting for our name, many of the songs on breakdown are about various forms of anxiety, stress, and survival in this difficult world and these trying times. A few of Sam's songs are about the challenges and rewards of parenthood. Instead of trying to harp on the bad, Nervous wants to be a band of healing, of coming together, we do tackle some challenging themes, but we try to do it with love and respect, so you can feel good about it. This focus on positivity is a big change of pace for Sam and Kyle, who's previous experience in the NYC punk scenes often had them unleashing a fury of sonic anger at the state of our world. It's been a refreshing change of pace to come into Nervous with a new attitude and appreciation for still being able to make music in this new world we're discovering together. The last song, When You Can't Forgive the Wrong, is a tribute to our dear friend and bandmate Keith Malonis, who tragically passed away a few months before we started, and who we miss every day." - Nervous

The band is already performing live in the greater Brooklyn area and the album has been met with rave reviews thus far. 


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