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Mylo Bybee

With the release of the "Master & Machine" single, Mylo Bybee takes a fresh approach to a bright pop rock sound with high energy and a unique edge. 

"Master & Machine is a culmination of all that we have been going through and working on in the middle of and post lock down. This album will take listeners on a journey of emotions and emits all the "feels" of our society. You will feel a bit of our classic sound on this album with some new nodes and fresh direction due in part to the band expanding. This album features a new drummer from the first album, and packs even more of a punch, catchy hooks, and melodies that will make you want to listen again and again. Master & Machine was recorded at The Tonic Room Recording and Mastering Studios in Boise, Idaho and was Mix and Mastered at Area 18 and Abbey Road Studios in London." explains the group of their sound and influences.

MYLO BYBEE started out as a pandemic "lock down" project that quickly blossomed into something the band members could sink their teeth into. Their debut self-titled EP gained early attention and interest from playlist curators and various labels both in the states and internationally. The band signed with ZMI Arcadia Records out of Atlanta and London in 2021. This quickly turned into a dynamic relationship. The debut EP was then remastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London just for that additional polish and re-released worldwide. Early in 2022, the band released a Mixtape in partnership with ZMI Arcadia records consisting of raw Acoustic versions of their tracks as well as a remix of their single "Cornered" in partnership with producer Johnson Sommerset. As the most agitated of acts do, MYLO BYBEE is always writing new tracks or playing live shows around the Pacific Northwest.

The "Master & Machine" single is the first peak at their upcoming LP set to release this summer and it all speaks volumes for where he band is at with their sound right now. 

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