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"Have you ever heard someone play music and they just have that innate raw creative essence that brings you to your knees in humility and takes your breath away? That is what I experienced the first time I heard Molly Shuvani play one of her originals; floored, humbled, brought to chills and tears. In that moment I felt so excited for the world and what it would be receiving through her magick! And here it is for the world to receive in her debut record! ... It is a beautiful expression of vulnerable, raw, gritty, heart wide open being with the feels of Suzie Suh meets Nakho and Medicine for the People. Enjoy!" ~ Ashtani Akshagni

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Having a major love affair with music from  a very young age, Molly Shuvani spent her days as a child singing her heart out. As she grew older, she joined the school choir, took vocal lessons, and eventually went on to study Jazz Performance.  Although she loved all of these things, they didn't give her the right environment for her own creative flow. Eventually, the songwriter packed her bags and traveled the country with friends. Playing in the streets and bus stations of wherever she landed, she gained money for gas and food, along with a new found passion for live performance. 


After stepping back into somewhat “normal” life and society, Molly began teaching herself to record on her own as she wrote more material. Realizing after some time that she had enough songs to release an album, she decided to do just that. It was then that The Space Between was finally born. A reflection  on many chapters of her life, it is a body of work she is proud of. 

"This album has been such an evolution in my songwriting. Lyrics have always come pretty easily for me- the challenge was more in the conjuring of the piano melodies and chord progressions. I am definitely a 'learn-by-doing' type of person, and just getting in there and experimenting allowed me to actually integrate the more technical knowledge I received in my earlier musical education." says Molly of creating the record.  


The Space Between is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the artist is always wring on new material for upcoming releases. 


To learn more of Molly Shuvani, please visit: