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With the release of their new "Poetry" single, Me Me Me brings a fresh indie pop sound.  

"I often perceive my life as a story. Reality frequently reminds me that there is no story, and that everything is actually just random. The effects of this reality check then fade away and I go back to imagining movie scores playing under every remotely-emotional moment in my life.


This is the cyclical internal struggle I wanted to write about, not only with the lyrics but with the production. In a lot of our music, the relationship between the vocals and the strings embodies the lyrical theme. On this track, we went a completely different direction and represented the thematic conflict with an ever-evolving battle between raw vocals and vocoder." explains songwriter Parry Staley of the single. 

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Me Me Me came to fruition after Parry Staley met George Lin during their freshman year at Georgia Tech in 2012.  The two of them quickly became inseparable friends and went on to perform together in the Georgia Tech Symphony. Staley on violin and Lin on cello. It wasn't long before Staley grabbed his guitar for personal jam sessions with Lin. It was later in 2017 that Staley's sister booked the guys for her best friend's  wedding ceremony. The only issue was that she wanted a trio. The two of them put the word out and auditioned violinist Zeya Luo who quickly made the cut and solidified the lineup. 

The trio would continue performing weddings and fundraisers but at a certain point began growing weary of playing string based covers of pop songs. Deciding to grab his guitar again, Staley and the others started writing original pop songs together. Soon enough they had enough to make an EP and did exactly that. Recording with a home set up, they worked on tracking the record that would become their debut self titled release. 


Me Me Me  is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the group is currently working on new material for upcoming releases. 

To learn more about Me Me Me, please visit: https://www.mememetrio.com/