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With the release of "Fly High", Melick takes some of the best parts of several genres to create a sound all its own. Laced with addictive melodies, hard hitting undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of cinematic pop anthems. 


"With this track all I knew was that the United States Air Force could use a new theme song. This past summer my sister was promoted to Major/Squadron Commander which is a big deal. I wanted to make a song to honor that occasion as well as all her fellow servicemembers. It is a love song to aviation but also pays tribute to the many who support the few who actually pilot the planes. This track however also makes a good road trip song. I apologize for any speeding tickets that might result,” explains the producer of his single.

Fascinated by music at a young age, Justin Melick began writing songs by the time he was in his early teenage years but his first entrance into the music world was as a manager.

Melick felt at ease helping artists guide the business side of their music careers and staying out of the spotlight himself was no problem. 

After some time, playing the role of manager became more frustrating for him as he found artists unwilling to put in the work or even follow guidance a lot of the time so, he decided to create a project of his own to put his own guidance to good use.

It was then that Melick found his true calling as creating a song from scratch proved to spark a new light in him. 


The entire process of writing and tracking the music, writing lyrics, finding vocalists, and bringing the ideas to fruition felt rewarding.

The experience of listening to the final product was a beautiful thing and things have been moving in that direction ever since. 

With numerous releases under his belt, "Fly High" is among the most recent. 

"I wasn't acquainted with Trevor prior to this project. I came across his work on YouTube. I had been searching for someone with the vocal range to properly perform my vision for the song. This was no easy task. He actually comes from a Metal background, but I enjoy bending genres and believed he had the vocal strength and versatility to do the job. It was the right decision as he understood exactly what I wanted and delivered beautifully." says Melick of how the song came together. 

The single, among others, is available on all major outlets for streaming and download and the writer and producer is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 

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