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With the release of the "Forward Fashion", Madame Whiskey takes a fresh approach to a vivacious rock sound. Laced with addictive melodies, edgy undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie-rock anthems. 


"Forward Fashion was written by our singer Luis and our guitarist Sebastian. It's one of those songs that came up together really quickly and it became a favorite during our live shows. 

It's a bit tongue in cheek. It's talking about how everything moves super-fast nowadays. Trying to capture the current state of this fast-moving world of ours,” explains the band of their single.  

Madame Whiskey began as an acoustic trio back in 2015 with the focus of writing and performing original tunes without going broke in the process. 

An acoustic set meant less equipment to carry and less spent on gas. 

It was only a matter of time before they were seduced by the sounds of distorted guitars and heavy drums. 

The band picked up a bassist and slowly but surely transformed into what we hear today. 

"We are more comfortable with each other now, so it's easier to let our real influences and style come out. We all like what we are playing and the whole band is way more involved in writing now as it was before. We also developed a language of our own by now, after playing together for so long, we feel really familiar with one another's way of playing," says the band of getting into their groove with songwriting. 

After releasing numerous singles, albums and EPs since 2018, "Forward Fashion" serves as a testament to where they are at with their sound right now. 

The single and all other releases are available for streaming and download on all major outlets and the band is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 


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