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Love X Stereo

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With the release of the / 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ / EP,

Love X Stereo brings out a series of edgy singles that cross boundaries and create massive pop soundscapes.

The first single "Lucid / Dreams" grabs you with a drifting and vast approach that becomes quicky infectious.

Although the singles speak volumes for the project, to get a full understanding of where Love X Stereo is really coming from, the EP should be heard in its entirety. 

With a massive back catalogue of releases starting in 2011, Love X Stereo consists of

Toby Hwang and Annie Ko who, since beginning their musical journey together, have  headlined SXSW and been noted by magazines like Rolling Stone as up a group  to keep an eye on.

After releasing albums, EP's, singles, and even double LP's, the duo began collaborating with DA1SY DØØM who, after performing a show with Love X Stereo ended up talking  about working together.

"It was late 2019 just before Covid hit. The show at Senggi Studio in Seoul was amazing! I remember Mindy’s vibe was so edgy and dark and cool. But then Covid happened and everything kinda stopped (for all bands in the world, I guess.) In 2021, me and Toby were writing this song at our studio, and when I saw her DM, I immediately imagined her voice in the track, which later on became our first single "자각몽 Lucid / Dreams". The title of the EP 안녕 is actually the shorthand Korean word for both ‘Hello’ and ‘Good-bye’, and I feel the EP captures really well of that feeling of lightness and darkness at the same time." explains Annie of how the EP began.

Not only did the collaboration give a unique outcome, but it helped the project reach a vibrant and lush sound. 

The EP is available on all major streaming platforms and Love X Stereo is always writing new material for up coming releases.


To learn more about Love X Stereo, please visit:  

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