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With the release of the "Know What It Is", Lars takes a fresh approach to a genre-crossing dance style. Laced with addictive melodies, lush undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of dance-pop anthems. 

" Know What It Is came from a groovy bassline that I created and then layered the track with samples. It’s about the house stage, the dancefloor and offering a weekend weapon to DJs and I wanted to have a fun track that lets the audience know that I’m on the decks. Hence the lyrics “know what it is when I jump on the track.” It’s already serving as a great intro song to my sets, and it has a catchy groove that allows me to catch the audience right away. "

explains Lars of his single. 

Lars started DJing at the age of only 16 as he jumped on stage with his gym teacher who was the DJ during a homecoming dance.

Upon doing so, he asked to learn what he was doing and fell in love from there on out.

He soon went on to play private gigs and ended up making a lot of money as a young kid.

After that, he played parties through college, and then decided to start taking things more seriously and focused on learning to produce. 

His journey has been quite some time and has taken him may places but it is still just the beginning for Lars. 

After releasing well received singles last year, he dropped an EP early this year and has followed it up with several new singles including "Take the Night" and the brand new "Know What It Is".

"I am not sure I’ve necessarily locked in a “sound” yet. As I mentioned, I’m a DJ first so I play so many different parties that require different energy and styles. I am still exploring and putting stuff out there that I enjoy. I think over time there will be repeat “sounds” or “tendencies” with my music, but my hope is to always create something new or something that supplements my live sets." Explains the producer of his musical evolution.

The new single is available on all major streaming outlets and you can find out more at LARS (

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