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With the release of "Last Light", Keltrix takes a fresh approach to an alternative folk style. Laced with addictive melodies, colorful undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of gypsy rock anthems. 

"Keltrix is a shapeshifting project more than a band as such.. I write songs on my acoustic guitar and work with various musicians and producers. Basically whoever is up for it at the time. 


The latest incarnation features musicians I've worked with previously on various albums including Jay Williams of The Broken Family Band on Guitar/strings and odd sounds, Nick Townsend on Bass, Phil Rose on Guitars, Ian Griffith(Mr Griff) and Neil Rogers of Headmix Collective on Drums. 

I have written and performed as Keltrix for the past 17 years."

explains Keri, songwriter and creator of the project.

Beginning life as a folk dub rock outfit with Sharon Sullivan on violin, Keltrix picked up steam as a UK festival favorite for years before changing into a live electronic vibe with a DJ complementing the musicians.


 The current sound and vibe is back to the band roots, finding them moving in what she calls a “bohemian rock” direction, and running defiantly “Past the Wolves” on their haunting, hypnotically infectious first single. The track will be the title song on Keltrix’s upcoming full-length album, the follow-up to 2021’s Herstory and sixth overall. Keri is signed to U.S. based Bentley Records.


“Running past the wolves is a saying I have always liked and referred to as it pertains to many life and
career circumstances,” says Keri. “You can throw me to the wolves but they’ll come when I call. In some
sense, it’s referring to a group of people you should be able to trust more than anyone and feel safe with,
but who turn out to be the worst possible narcissistic gas lighters whom you can’t trust or rely on. They’ll metaphorically throw you to the wolves but in the end, you’ll be alright because you are the wolf. 

As a songwriter, I like to take dark events and turn them into art with a sense of light and hope, take the
negative, smash it up and coax light into it. Throughout all the musical re-invention, as a songwriter I’ve
always enjoyed delving into areas of life people don’t like to talk about, shedding light on taboo
subjects.” explains Keri.

The release of "Last Light" leaves room for one last single called ’Stars’ to drop before the full record and speaks volumes for the project and where its sound is at right now.

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