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Katie Belle

With the release of "Symptoms", Katie Belle takes a fresh approach to a flowing pop style with a smooth and honest touch that builds a colorful and edgy approach. 

"Symptoms can be wrapped up into a trilogy of releases which would include Next Ex, The Best You'll Ever Have and now Symptoms...."


"Symptoms is a song of adjectives and I have a lot more I could've used!  This is an evocative-get out of my way-I'm going for this LOVE song. Is there really another take on another love song?,,, but yeah!...this gets your pulse up (with the beat-rhythms) and slams in your headphones with PASSIONable lyrics!  Aren't adjectives wonderful?  There is such a rush when 'chemistry' and adjectives get together hahahaha." explains Katie of her single

The musical journey of Katie Belle began in the 3rd grade when she landed a lead singing role in her school play. It wasn't easy for her to perform on stage that first time, but she was encouraged to keep pursuing the creative arts when her teacher took her on and helped guide her. 

Later, in high school she joined an anti-bully tour and traveled through the Midwest performing for junior high and high school students. This experience solidified her passion for performing.

In her late teens she fell in love with songwriting and has since released a string of singles with "Symptoms" as her latest. 

The song serves as a testament to where she is at with her sound right now.


Although Belle performs regularly as a solo artist, she can also be booked with her 3-piece band. When she is not busy with her personal bookings, she is lead female vocalist in a popular "Black Tie" Coporate Band - called Color the Night.  

As for "Symptoms", the single is available on all major streaming outlets and Katie is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 


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