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With the release of the "Root" single, Jonathon Goldie takes a new approach to an acoustic guitar driven feel that embeds a powerful hook and addictive songwriting. 

"This song came about around the same time as my first album was being written. Was actually one of the first things that I wrote... I decided to release this after, since it didn't really work with the album as I only wanted so many mid-tempo songs on the album. The song itself was written on one of my Simon and Patrick acoustic guitars. The production was the same philosophy as the others. What more can I say... I've had people call my music many different things, but psych-folk I'll accept!" explains Jonathon of his single

Although the single speaks volumes for him as an artist, to get a better understanding of the music, it's best to listen to his previous releases as well. 

A self-proclaimed, musical experimentalist, Jonathon Goldie didn't really begin writing full songs until his early 20's.

From there the artist began writing and releasing songs and has had a passion for the process ever since. 

"I'm currently working on an album that includes acoustic guitar and electronic elements. I think as far the sound is concerned, I have gotten better at production, and continue to get better." says the artist of his evolution in songwriting.

The multi-instrumentalist records just about everything on his own and works on his production, mixing, and even mastering in his studio before releasing material. 

Although "Root" along with another recent single "Alone" both serve as a testament to where he is at with his sound, he is already working on new material for upcoming releases including a full length album. 

To learn more of Jonathon Goldie please visit his LinkTree.


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