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Jessica Malone

Soulful Folk/Americana

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With the upcoming release of the Gold Flowers of the West album, Jessica Malone takes a fresh approach to a classic style. Laced with addictive melodies, warm undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of soulful southern anthems. 


"Gold Flowers of the West is a compilation of songs about the many types of love from different angles and is wild with rich tones of dreamy wanderlust.  I am a deep lover of nature and a deep lover of love.  These songs honor the beauty of the earth, the emotional ups and downs of life. My intention is to bring hope and joy to the listener and each song is meant to be a gentle reminder that nature & love always tell the truth,” explains Jessica of her album.

The artist has released two singles from the album so far both of which shed light as to what is to be expected from the full-length release. 

"Bloom" and "Sweet Sunlight" both show insightful and honest songwriting.

After meeting now dear friend, Nat Keefe from the bay area bluegrass band Hot Buttered Rum who was performing at a porch festival in Gold Country, Jessica found an incredible musical connection.

Keefe offered to produce her new record and the two worked together in and out of the studio to bring the album to fruition. 

The two worked incredibly well together and it has been an amazing experience for Jessica to say the least.


The album serves as a testament to where Jessica is at with her sound right now. 


" In the beginning it was just me and my guitar touring up and down the west coast.  I landed somewhere between Tahoe & San Francisco and that’s when I formed my first band which was a five-piece folk Americana band, drums, bass, acoustic & electric guitar, and violin.   It was the song Sweet Sunlight that inspired the addition of horns to the mix, then came the keys and the three-part harmony which created an extremely soulful vibe.  I’m now in my Soulful Folk Funk Americana era and I’m here for it," says the artist. 

Both "Bloom" and "Sweet Sunlight" are available for streaming and download on all major outlets and the full-length LP is ramping up for release in the coming months. 


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