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With a unique way of clashing genres old and new, Holmstrum  breeds a sound unique but familiar starting with the release of the "It Was Me I Killed Her" single. 

“I feel like I need to give a concise explanation of this songs existence. When our EP came out, I wrote a song about someone with the soul intention of hurting them (‘Skinned Doll’). Being angry and vindictive. It wasn’t healthy and I’m not proud of what I said on that song. 


They, in turn, released a song about me (‘Don’t Cross My Path’), and with that I had the idea to finally be mature, say everything I wanted to say as honestly as I possibly could about the situation so I would never have to write another song about them again. It was literal years ago. I’m over it.


This is the first song I’m completely proud of, I stand by every word. This is the most mature and HONEST observation either of us have put out to this point. And with this song and this post, I have nothing left to say about DS or Syd. This is the turning point for me as an artist. I never want to ever make art with the sole intention of hurting someone ever again.


With all of this said, I hope you enjoy. It’s the heaviest song we’ve ever done and the direction we are heading as a band. It’s a marked improvement over our EP, and we are all incredibly proud of it.” - Kody Henry (lead singer of Holmstrum)

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With a unique way of clashing genres old and new, Holmstrum  breeds a sound unique but familiar starting with the release of the "Empty Rooms" single. 

The track dropped as a preview for the upcoming While We Were Distant EP and gives a perfect feel for their combination of hard hitting metal and melodic alt rock.  

"The song tackles dealing with a relationship ending and sitting alone in your room sitting in your thoughts and feelings and ultimately dealing with being alone. Empty Rooms embodies that emotion for us. ." explains vocalist Kody Henry of the bands single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the upcoming EP, to get a real understanding of where Holmstrum is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.


" Empty Rooms showcases what we individually all love. There’s Metal, Pop Punk, Hardcore, Alternative, and Empty Rooms displays all of that. Empty Rooms is the prime example of what Holmstrum is AND sounds. It perfectly embodies the overall theme of the full EP. It’s also beautiful and kinda dark in its own way." says the band of creating the record.  

Originally formed by bassist Landon Matson and guitarist Alex Martinez, Holmstrum has been writing and performing in the greater AZ area since 2018. After a few line up changes, they enlisted drummer Aaron Centeno and vocalist Kody Henry to complete the band. The While We Were Distant EP is a testimony to where they are at with their sound right now. 


"Empty Rooms"  is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the full EP  is set to release later this year. 

To learn more of Holmstrum, please visit:https://holmstrumaz.bandcamp.com



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