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With the release of the Crumble and Rise album, Hellaphant takes a fresh approach to an alternative rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, edgy undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of punk fused anthems. 

"When we started as this line up, it was pretty much my songs written and arranged etc with little input from everyone.  It’s how I worked in the past.


Now it’s a group collaboration. I write the skeleton of the songs, record them and bring them to rehearsal. We then run through them and start rearranging them, adding and subtracting parts. 


As for recording, it's the same process.  


Live, we are still working the bugs out. The approach is a little different as I rely more on the guys and their opinions on what we need to do/change. 


The new stuff is a little different, heavier but still Hellaphant,"

explains the band. 

The story of Hellaphant began with friends casually talking music and since then, the band has released multiple singles, an EP, and a full-length album along with performing live shows.

"Years ago, my friend Matt and I were playing ice hockey and suggested writing some music. We had both moved to London ON and just connected. We wrote some stuff and then it grew.  Matt had a good career as a DJ so he stepped away and over time the guys all came into the fold. Chris joined first, and a guy who introduced Chris and I got Scott (drums)to join.  After that we had a few guitar players, but Jay and I knew each other, and he asked to join when we were looking for a new guy.  Been that way since," says Gary of how the band came to be.

The introductory "We Are Hellaphant" single was released in 2018 followed by the Crumble EP, the "Boxed In" single in 2021 and the newly released Crumble and Rise album. 

The band has also recently released a cover of "They" by Misfits that has already received rave reviews. 

Crumble and Rise is a testament to where they are with their sound right now. 

To learn more about Hellaphant, you can visit: HELLAPHANT

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