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With the release of the "Whiskey Sipper" single, Eye 5 Senses takes on an array of genres and melds them into a high energy, edgy rock sound. Laced with addictive progressions, deep funk keys, and plenty of pop overtones, the record boasts the aesthetic of radio style, danceable rock anthems. 

The single grabs you with its infectious groove and endlessly fun style along with a breathing arrangement. 


"This song is loosely based on a true story. There was a fan in the scene that would be at every show hanging out and after a show one night he decided to turn himself in. That’s when we all found out he had murdered his wife and buried her in the yard, and she had been there for almost 2 years." explains the band of their single.

Though the two enjoyed what they were doing, later, Adam asked Zack to lay down a verse on a solo project he was working on and soon after, Adam himself was asked to play guitar on a solo project Zack was working on.


It was obvious to both that they should collaborate more and the birth of Eye 5 Senses came shortly after.


The duo had so much fun, they decided not to stop and although the band is only a year old, the two of them work together like they've been doing it for 20.


"With agreeing to never have boundaries our evolution started on day one. Whiskey Sipper might be the most well-rounded song so far. Meaning there’s every little bit and piece of what we do best in one song. These next songs allow for both of us to bring ideas together while still stepping out and up from our comfort zones. We see ideas and it still amazes me that these ideas just keep coming and evolving." says the band of their new release and working together.


"Whiskey Sipper" is available on all major streaming platforms and the guys are working on a full EP set to be released later this year.  

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