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With the release of "Paradise Beach," Evan Carydakis takes a fresh approach to a classic style. Laced with addictive melodies, lush and breezy undertones, and plenty of character, the single boasts the aesthetic of saxophone driven jazz anthems with a tropical flare. 

"So, in my newest track, "Paradise Beach," I set out on a mission to bottle up the essence of the Greek island of Mykonos. I mean, have you ever been to Paradise Beach? It's like stepping into a dream with those pristine white sands and those mesmerizing Mediterranean waters. Picture this: every moment is bursting with life, thanks to the endless beach parties and the rhythmic heartbeat of the sea.


With "Paradise Beach," I wanted to do more than just make music; I wanted to take you on a journey. I wanted you to feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, to sway to the irresistible beats, and to experience your very own slice of paradise," explains Evan of his single.

Evan Carydakis emerges as a rising star in the smooth jazz scene, demonstrating his virtuosity on the saxophone. His musical finesse not only propels his artistic evolution but also shapes his identity as both a performer and an artist.


Following his debut EP "Groove House" in 2021, Evan has released a series of captivating singles, including "Movin On" (2022) and "Cherry Pops" (2023), paving the way for his latest offering, "Paradise Beach."


The story of how he got here is a classic tale of youth and music.


"When I turned fifteen, I discovered the saxophone. It happened in Melbourne, my hometown, while browsing through albums at Allan’s, a beloved local record store. Then, I stumbled upon the captivating album cover of “Royal Garden Blues”. That image ignited a fire within me – in that moment, I knew I wanted to be a part of that world." says Evan of how this all began for him. 

The new single marks a full circle in his musical career.

Evan explains; "You know, when I think about my current sound, I'd describe it as the truest reflection of my musical upbringing. But here's the thing: your sound, just like you, evolves over time, especially as you journey through different stages of your career. For me, refining my sound has been this incredible process of listening and learning from other players I admire.


There's this magic in understanding where their sound originates from, you know? It's like unravelling a musical mystery. And once you've got that, you start to weave it into your own style, making it uniquely yours. It's a journey of emulation and transformation, where you take inspiration from others and turn it into something that truly speaks from your soul – That's where my sound comes from!"

"Paradise Beach," available for download and streaming on all major platforms. And keep your ears peeled for more sensational releases from the artist!


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