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Dylan Dent

With the release of the Lubby Dubby album, Dylan Dent takes a fresh approach to an alternative indie-pop style. Laced with addictive melodies, colorful undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of pop anthems. 

"When I started making music I made what I knew. All I really knew at the time was pop music. The specific genre might’ve changed but it was all still made with the focus of mass consumption. I wanted to challenge my self more so I tried making things I never heard before. Learned a lot of things by making a lot of different types of music. For this release I wanted to take everything I learned and apply it to making pop music again."

explains Dylan of the record. 

Having always been creative, Dylan didn't always have such an easy time finding his footing. 

"I’ve always been interested in music and creativity. Honestly, I struggle with self-confidence and when I was younger, I never believed I could do anything like this. Fast forward to 2017, my passion for music had grown but I was on a completely different path. I was contemplating whether to get a job in my field or try hard for grad school. But I’m the back of my mind there was “Quit everything and do art” voice that wouldn’t go away. Then I got hit by a truck in the interstate on a routine drive home from work. Walked out with zero injuries. For real. Zero. Not a scratch. After truly realizing how short life can be I decided to pursue art full time." says Dylan about pursuing his craft. 

Dylan's releases start with 2018's The Wierdo  which has been followed up by 4 more albums and a slew of singles all offering a different side of the artist. 

"When I first started making music, I used a lot of pre-loaded loops and beat packs. It was a great place to start but I always wanted sounds that were a better reflection of myself. I felt like I was trying to bend a sound to match me, or bend myself to match a sound. I've been striving for more specificity. Collections of sounds and rhythms that match me. One of the common denominators of all my favorite artists is, they sound like them. Lubby Dubby is the closest I've ever gotten to matching the sounds that are in my head." says the artist of his evolution in songwriting.

Lubby Dubby serves as a testament to where Dylan is at with his sound right now. 

The album is available on all major outlets for streaming and download and the artist is always writing new material for upcoming releases.

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