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With the release of the EveNi Era, Vol.1 EP, Dutch Hippies take a fresh approach to an alternative rock style. Laced with addictive melodies, colorful undertones, and plenty of character, the record boasts the aesthetic of rock anthems. 

"This record is like a time capsule of our time living in NYC. We were working on a deal with Diana from Wind Up records at the time, this album was partially the demo for them. We decided after all these years, it was time to release the songs."

explains the band of their record. 

Although the record speaks volumes for the project, to get a real understanding of Duch Hippies, going through their catalogue of releases is an absolute must. 

Eva and Pepe began their musical journey in 1998 when they started the band EveNi which went on to gain heavy buzz as they consistently performed live, signed production deals, winning the Amsterdam Music Awards, and eventually got signing a deal in NYC.

The EveNi Era, Vol1. EP is based on those years and times in their lives and musical journey. 

After releasing a slew of singles throughout 2017 through 2022, the record is a long-awaited full EP release that showcases their style and brand.

The record is available on all major outlets for streaming and download and the band is always working on new material for upcoming releases. 

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