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With the release of the full length Monachopsis album, Drew Keenan takes a fresh approach to some classic genres and gives the record a life all its own. Lush with addictive progressions, a pop songwriting style, and an alternative rock influence, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems. 

The first single, “Think Too Much"immediately grabs you with it's infectious pop rock hook, followed by it's building arrangement allowing it to build and breathe as it plays on.

"I’m naturally an introverted person, so thinking too much tends to be a pretty common theme in my life. I believe that everyone can relate to that feeling of having one negative thought that begins to spiral down a rabbit hole. It begins to multiply into more negative thoughts and then suddenly you find yourself in a completely gloomy mood." explains the songwriter his single. 

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Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real understanding of where Drew Keenan is coming from, it should be heard in their entirety.


"I’ve grown a lot along with the project and dove into new territories that I hadn’t explored on my previous records. Walls was a punk-rock album based around the theme of building up and breaking down walls. Monachopsis was a real journey in my personal life. It covered my final year of college and the growing pains of entering into society. Even though a lot of those times were tough, I can now look back with nostalgia because of the music. So I would say that it is my most complete album to date and it makes me excited to see how much further I can evolve my sound in the future." says Keenan of creating the record.


Having a serious love for music from a young age, Drew Keenan eventually engulfed himself in writing and recording songs during his stint in college. A multi-instrumentalist, Keenan used songwriting as a way to deal with emotions and life in general. 


Keenan began writing Monachopsis almost directly after the completion of his second album entitled Whatever makes You Happy in Summer of 2017.  The album is described as a three year collection of songs that follow the artists senior year in college, into the first few years in the real world. 


Monachopsis is defined as, “the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.” The songs revolve around that concept.


The release serves as a testament to where Keenan is at with his sound right now. 


Monachopsis is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the artist is already working on new  material for upcoming  releases. 


To learn more of Drew Keenan, please visit: https://drewkeenan.bandcamp.com/album/monachopsis